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People love murals. Murals have impact, murals tell a story, and are unique works of art.

Whether reflecting a towns history or creating a unique mood or ambiance in a business, club or private home, murals, because of their usually large format, catch the eye, and are always a conversation piece. In an age where much of what we view is computer generated, mural painting is by and large carried out exactly as it has been since the earliest of times.

As a muralist with many years experience, I have worked on all types of murals for both private and commercial clients. Many hotels, restaurants, pubs, business premises, sports clubs, heritage & tidy towns groups, leisure centres, churches, creches, private homes etc, have benefitted from the addition of an eye-catching mural, and my work has appeared regularly in the press and on national television. Click on Mural Gallery (above), to see a large selection of my work.

Featured Limited Edition Prints – Irish Sports Art

As well as my mural art, I also offer people the opportunity to purchase or commission original Sports Paintings and Limited Edition Prints, preserving those special Irish sporting memories. Check out some of the feature prints below or view more here.


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