Why a Mural?

When it comes to making an area unique or appealing, it’s hard to compete with a well executed Mural, whether in a commercial setting such as a hotel or in a private home.  Always original, a Mural has the ability to reflect a specific mood, turn a building into a landmark, or give an area that certain ambience that nothing else can.  A Mural can make a personal statement, reflecting your taste from the walls of your place of work, play or home.

What type of surfaces do you work on?

Murals are usually painted directly onto the wall, as long as the surface is of sound quality.  Alternatively it can be painted on large rolls of canvas or on panels in the studio, and installed on site when complete.

What paints do you use?

Only the highest quality durable acrylic paint is used on my Murals.

What type of subject matter do you suggest?

The sky’s the limit. Once I view your area and listen to your own thoughts and ideas, I will get an idea of possible themes suitable for you. Whether done in a subtle, vivid, contemporary or traditional style, the Mural could reflect subject matter as diverse as local history, mythology, sports, marine, musical or ancient Greek/Roman themes.  Also, movies, copies of old paintings, landscapes, rural, urban, equine, famous people, abstract art, scenes based on old photographs, children’s themes, a favourite place etc are also suitable. Sometimes a line from a favourite song or a favourite quotation can be the inspiration.  The list is endless, and remember that the finished Mural will always be unique and a great conversation piece.

How much does a Mural cost?

The cost of a Mural depends on the amount of work involved in the project from planning to the final painting, and needless to say, this can vary considerably.  No two Murals are alike, and once information regarding size, location and subject matter are discussed, a price can be given with due consideration to the client’s budget.

I would like to commission a Mural, how do we start?

After your initial e-mail or phone call (087-416 55 27) we begin with a meeting where I learn more about your space, subject matter ideas, budget and the ambience desired.  The design and the scaled artwork is the next step, after which the actual painting of the Mural is carried out.

Do you do smaller scale Artwork?

From the largest Murals to smaller paintings and canvasses, whatever is required.